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Pat Stay

Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Pat Stay has been victorious in the battle rap scene for the past ten years. In 2007, Pat Stay competed in his first battle in Halifax, Nova Scotia against Critical. What started as a hobby has now become his career. Pat Stay has battled everyone in the world that has a name. His unorthodox approach, observant eye and maliciousness has won him championships against Arcane, Dizaster, Daylyt and Charron and numerous victories throughout the Elements League, King of the Dot Entertainment, and the Compliment Battles. Pat Stay has a very active worldwide fan base, with over 30 million views on Youtube and over 25 thousands followers on Twitter, reaching not only Canada but across the world in Boston, California, England and Sweden. With upcoming battles, a new music project and acting in "BODIED", Pat Stay’s buzz won’t be dying down anytime soon.